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What To Do When You Get Arrested

It can happen very quickly. You make a minor error when driving and get pulled over, only to learn that your unpaid tickets have turned into a warrant for your arrest. The officer reads you your rights and pulls out the handcuffs. What do you do now?

Don’t Panic or Resist

While getting arrested is a nerve-racking experience, it’s in your best interest to remain calm. The officer is likely trained to notice signs of resistance, such as struggling, running away or any other behavior that seems uncooperative. Take a couple of deep breaths and do everything the arresting officer asks you to do.

Know Your Rights

Your commitment to compliance within reason does not mean that police officers can do anything they want, though. You have rights, no matter what alleged crime you are being accused of. When you are arrested, you do not have to answer questions without an attorney present, and contrary to popular belief, you do not have to give permission for your vehicle to be searched. Take note of the arresting officer’s name and badge number just in case you need to file a complaint later.

Arrange for Bail

In most cases, you also have the right to pay bail and get released. After you are arrested and booked, the court sets the bail amount. Bail bonds Harrisburg PA, can help you if you don’t have the funds. You pay the bonds representative a small percentage of the bail to post it, along with collateral that he or she can use to get the money back if you fail to appear on your court date. A bonds service pays the fees to get you released and typically gets that money back when you appear for your trial as promised.

Call an Attorney

The best way to navigate any legal problem you have is to call an attorney. If you are arrested and cannot afford an attorney, the court is required to appoint one for you. Your defense lawyer can give you advice and answer any questions you have about the next steps you need to take. Without professional assistance, you may end up admitting or neglecting something that hurts your case in the long run.

No one plans to get arrested, but it’s good to know what to do just in case. By keeping these tips in mind, you can help make the process go more smoothly for you.

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