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Changing Canada Permanent Resident Card Address

The Permanent Resident Card, as it is too well-known, is the administrative evidence of one’s status as a permanent resident in the Maple Country (Canada). The permanent residents of Canada use this wallet-sized plastic card–also known as a PR card–to gain re-admission into the ‘Land of Milk & Honey’, i.e., Canada, on a commercial mode of transport, such as aircrafts, trains, buses, etc. The Canadian visa permanent residents enjoy a plethora of attractive rights & privileges even as though they continue to hold the citizenship of their home nation. To maintain the permanent resident status of Canada though the candidates are expected to successfully cater to certain mentioned residency obligations. Talking of benefits, one key benefit of having this card is that the holder may live & do a job anywhere across the length and breadth of the country.

But, the Permanent Resident Card–also known as a PR Card, which acts as secure evidence of the status of the candidate inside the said country–must bear his present address on it. In case the candidate shifts, or makes a change to his official address, he will be required to bring it to the notice of the CIC. The involved person can do this by changing his address as given on his PR Card. Changing Canada PR Card Address This takes us to the title of the discussion! With a view to changing the address on one’s PR Card, the applicant, as mentioned before, should engage the involved department, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). He could contact them at 1-888-242-2100, or inform them of an address change, through snail mail. The person could also be qualified to modify his address making use of the available online facility. It is essential that he duly informs the CIC of his change of address nearly 3 weeks in advance. When an aspirant changes his address with the said immigration department, it usually takes close to 15 days for the change to become visible in his case or file. What to do if an applicant has just turned-up in Canada & received his address?

In a situation wherein a person has just turned-up in the Maple Country, for the very first time, in his capacity as a permanent resident, a completely different method has to be suitably followed. A permanent resident–who is modifying his address–would present a Change of Address before the CIC, even as a permanent resident, who has just arrived in the country, he will present an Address Notification to the immigration organization.

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