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6 Signs You Need to Hire a Family Law Attorney

It is straining to have to deal with family issues when you don’t have a lawyer to represent you. Family law is complicated and you should not attempt to tackle it yourself if you don’t have deep knowledge about it. The process will go smoother if you have a family law attorney to help you. Below are 6 signs that you need to hire a family law attorney.

  1. Your Spouse Files for a Divorce

Your spouse has filed for divorce and he has hired a lawyer to handle the case. If he has a lawyer, you should also hire a lawyer yourself to counter attack him in the court. Franklin TN family law lawyers are more knowledgeable on the divorce laws and know what to do in court. If you have no one to represent you, you may find yourself making mistakes in the divorce filing and saying the wrong things to the judge in the court.

  1. Divorce is Looming

You should plan on hiring a family law attorney if you can see that a divorce is looming. For example, your spouse threatens to file a divorce or you have been having a bad quarrel with your spouse lately. This is especially if you are concerned about the property and assets you own with your spouse or you are worried about not getting enough alimony. If you hire a family lawyer, he will be able to help you in the issues regarding the division of property.

  1. Child Custody Battle

It is necessary to hire a family law attorney if the divorce involves children. Usually, child custody lawsuits occur after the divorce is completed. It can also be triggered by other friends and family members. You will need to get custody of your children if you don’t want them to end up with an abusive ex. If your children get abused, the Child Welfare Service can take them away. The court will require you to be capable of giving the children a secure future before granting the custody. The family lawyer can guide you in the entire procedure to obtain child custody.

  1. Your Fiancée Asks for a Prenuptial Agreement

You are getting married to your fiancée and she has asked you for a prenuptial agreement. You’ll need to hire a family law attorney to draft the prenuptial agreement if you are bringing your pre owned assets into the marriage. In the prenuptial agreement, it will state how the assets will be divided when divorce occurs. Prenuptial agreement is also necessary if you have dependents from previous marriages. It will ensure that the future of these dependents will be secured.

  1. Civil Unions and Domestic Partnership

Family lawyers can guide you through the legal process of a civil union and domestic partnership. Civil unions and domestic partnerships recognize couples who live together under the same roof but did not go through a marriage procedure. Couples who want this type of union want their partnership rights to be protected just like marriage couples.

  1. Child Adoption

Adopting a child is an exhausting process as you will face several challenges. The lawyer can help you to prove to the child welfare services that you are fit in all aspects including physically, mentally, and emotionally to take care of the child. The lawyer can help you to overcome disputes from the biological parents. He can also represent you in the court hearings to settle differences.

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