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How To Prepare For Hire In A Law Firm

If you have finished your law degree and want to start working in a law firm, you should prepare well and conscientiously, as it is not an easy task. In this article, we give you some clues that will help you overcome the process of selecting a law firm and preparing for the interview appropriately. The first thing to keep in mind is that if you are willing to grow with the firm, then chances of finding a good job will increase considerably. Even if you are looking for work, for example, in a law firm in your city, you should not rule out working as a lawyer in another nearby city. Mobility is important in these times and the legal profession is no exception. Tully Rinckey provides employees with the option to do just that.

The Resume

You should keep your resume well up to date and ensure that it is also formally well written and understandable. We recommend that you opt for a classic and formal resume and avoid overly innovative colors or formats. The best way to stand out is through the content of your resume itself. If possible, attach references about your previous work experiences or jobs in which you have collaborated.

The Interview

Before going to the job interview, find out well beforehand about the characteristics of the firm, its areas of specialization, its achievements, or the awards it has received and adapt your experience accordingly. Most law firms have a web page that details all this information. Use it to your advantage. Being informed about the firm denotes interest and shows how proactive you are. In the job interview for lawyers, dress formally (without going overboard) and pay attention to details (footwear, accessories, nails …). Maintain a calm attitude and convey confidence in your answers. Remember that the job interview is the opportunity you have to distinguish yourself from other applicants.


Do not try to turn the interview into a monologue. Try to make a good impression and above all be frank and direct in your answers. At the end of the interview, indicate your appreciation for the opportunity and say goodbye with a handshake.

If you follow these tips, you will improve your chances of finding the job you are looking for. Tully Rinckey law firm is always looking for good legal personnel and go out of their way to ensure that employees get paid what they are worth, which is also important.

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