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The Roles of A Workman’s Comp Lawyer

If you’re struggling with compensation for injuries you sustained at work, you might consider hiring legal help. A workmans comp lawyer will help you make a reasonable claim and work towards helping you earn the compensation you deserve.

A workman comp lawyer is trained to handle such cases as yours. You should get a lawyer with broad knowledge of compensation law and expertise in the field. This way, you’re almost guaranteed a win in your claim. However, before you hire a lawyer, you need to know their roles and responsibilities. Here are the duties of a workmans comp lawyer.

Get Medical Evidence and Records

After reporting a work accident, you should go to the recommended hospital for further treatment. The doctors should report what your injuries were and how they were treated. These records are essential in building a case to claim your benefits.

Your workmans compensation lawyer should gather such reports and any other evidence of your medical expenses. They should also ask for a report of the costs incurred during the treatment period. If your employer didn’t provide transport to the hospital, your lawyer should also gather evidence of how much you spent on getting to the hospital and for any other subsequent visits. All this should be included in your claim.

Take Claimant, Physician and Witness Depositions 

Your lawyer should record your statement in regards to the accident. They should also gather information from the physician or medical team that attends to you. If you haven’t already recorded a statement with your employer to notify them of the accident, your lawyer should do so.

The lawyer is also supposed to gather information from the witnesses from the day of the accident. He will revisit the accident site and ask witnesses to provide information about what happened willingly. These statements should help your lawyer build a strong case to get your compensation benefits.

Do Legal Research

Once you hire a lawyer to cater for your legal needs when making a compensation claim after a work-related injury, they should research and gather all the relevant information regarding your case. Your lawyer can study similar cases and how they turned out for the victims.

The lawyer should also analyze the facts in your case and find legal evidence to back up their claims. They should work consistently to present a fault-proof case in your defense.

Stay Current with Case Developments and Communicate with Other Players 

Your lawyer is responsible for staying updated on the progress of your case. They should constantly communicate with your employer and the insurer to know how the case will work for you. They also have the responsibility of informing you and the other players of any new developments in the case.

If you’re still recuperating from the accident, your lawyer should keep your employer updated about your health status.

Answer Your Questions  

If you have any legal questions pertaining to your compensation claims case, your lawyer is best placed to answer them. Consult them if something seems off, or you just need clarification on an issue. You can also talk to them to make suggestions that you think will help in the case. Engage the lawyer in discussions to help you understand the case better.

Get A Layer for Your Compensation Claim 

If your claim for compensation after a work injury has been declined, it’s time to lawyer up. Hire an expert workman comp lawyer to help you to make a successful appeal. The lawyer will gather all the evidence and information you need. They’ll also guide you through the appeal process and help you earn your compensation benefits.

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