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Areas of Law Lawyers in Frankston Can Help You With

If you don’t know much about lawyers – perhaps you’ve never needed one before – then you might not know that there are many different areas of law that lawyers in Frankston can help you with. Some of the varying areas of law include family, criminal, estate and trustees, intellectual property, and personal injury, and commercial and business. This article will briefly run through each of these areas to give you an idea of which kind of lawyermight be best suited to your circumstances.

Family Law

Family law involves everything associated with your family, such as parenting and custody, separations and divorces, and property settlement. Having good family lawyers in Frankston on your side can help with negotiations with ex partners, bringing some of the emotion out of the interaction as your lawyer acts as an unbiased mediator. Family law is important, as your family relations can have a big impact on your mental and emotional health. Getting support from family lawyers can help you get the outcome you desire from your situation.

Criminal Law

If you’ve done something unlawful, it’s important to get a lawyer quickly so you can have a strong defence. Criminal law exists to punish offenders for conduct that is seen as threatening, harmful, or endangering people’s property, health and safety. This is very serious, so if you suspect you have done any of these things, you should immediately start looking for lawyers in Frankston who can represent you. 

Estates and Trusts Law

This area of law is linked to family law. Some consider it as a part of family law, but many clients may come to a lawyer for help with this issue only. Estates and trusts can be complicated to manage, which is why many people choose to employ estate and trust lawyers in Frankston to manage their situation. Lawyers can also be approached to set up estates and trusts properly or to advise on wills.

Intellectual Property Law

If you own a business that has distinctive ideas, services or products, then you may need intellectual property lawyers in Frankston. They can safeguard your IP against competitor companies, helping you to keep your unique edge and identity in an overcrowded marketplace. Why wait until someone copies your products or ideas? With the right lawyer, you can prevent cases before they occur.

Personal Injury Law

Personal injury means injury to a person’s body, mind or emotions. It does not apply to property. Personal injury law refers most commonly to a type of lawsuit where the person suing has experienced harm to his or her body, mind or emotions. If you have had this experience yourself, you may consider hiring personal injury lawyers in Frankston to bring your case in front of court.

Commercial and Business Law

Commercial lawyers in Frankston are essential if you run a business. They’re useful for creating and reviewing legal agreements for you in different areas of your business, including acquisitions and mergers, employee agreements, supplier agreements, plus many more instances where you need to know if there are loopholes in documentation before you sign it. Commercial lawyers are also your first defence against litigation.

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