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Coping With Death

Death is never an easy topic to deal with. Considering everyone on the planet will experience it at some point, it’s funny how death makes us so sad. There are a number of reasons that we feel sad about someone’s passing from this world – some people are taken too soon, others are sorely missed, some have suffered for a long time and haven’t recovered, others have experienced brutal or unfair deaths that shouldn’t have happened. Either way, death gives us a feeling of loss but there are ways to deal with the tough experience of a loved one passing away. Justice Many people feel better about the murder of a loved one if the killer receives the punishment they deserve. In England that could mean a life sentence in prison and a forever tarnished record. Other countries punish with the death penalty – a life for a life etc. Fund-raising Because there are so many people being taken away through terminal illness these days, more and more fund-raising events are cropping up. Take Race for Life in aid of Cancer Research for example. People run in honour of those fighting cancer or who have been taken by it, whilst also raising money to fund research for cures. Sorting Through a Will A will states a dead person’s final wishes such as where they would like to be buried, how they want their belongings dealt with, what should happen with their finances. However, will tampering can take place and some wills are not updated to suit newer decisions the deceased might have made. Therefore, loved ones can Contest a will UK to ensure that everything is as it should be. Knowing that any final wishes have been met may make the death easier to deal with. Burial Not everyone likes the idea of burying their loved one in a hole in the ground. For some, it signifies being returned to nature, but for others it is a morbid realisation of what becomes of the dead. Cremation is sometimes the preferred option because ashes are scattered and the body does not decompose. Cremation also means the person can be laid to rest anywhere because the ashes can be scattered in their favourite place or even kept inside the home. Death isn’t easy to deal with, but if you take the right steps towards laying them to rest it should be a much easier experience in the long-run.

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