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Family Violence: Old World Problem In Modern Setting

Throughout human history, violence is a prevalent human behavior. It was the norm in most cultures during ancient times. But, as humans become civilized, views about violence has changed a lot. One type of violence prevalent in the past is family violence.

Quick introduction

Family violence is a wide range of actions one commits against a family member. It is not about physical abuse only. Psychological, sexual, and emotional abuse are also forms of it. In some countries, they use the term domestic violence. There are no specific attributes to become a victim of family violence. No matter the age, gender, culture, religion, or wealth, anybody can be a victim of this.

The Victorian era

During Victorian times, the premature death of women from 15 to 44 years of age is due to family violence. Today, the outcome of unreported family violence is domestic homicide. Children below 6 years old are most vulnerable. They are not yet articulate and do not know how to differentiate right from wrong. They think that it is right as the person committing is older than them.

Other harm

Aside from physical harm, victims also suffer from psychological and emotional harm. Most children exposed to family violence become violent, controlling adults. This is a learned behavior that the person will have a hard time correcting. In the past, beliefs on the importance of masculinity contributed to family violence. Men in the past used force to control their families and instill discipline. Male perpetrators often justify their use of violence. They also blame the victim.

Genital mutilation

Female genital mutilation (FGM) was a rampant practice in some cultures before. Now, it’s considered [barbaric and a form of family violence. Although some still practice FGM, most countries today had already banned this practice.

Common practice

Common practices include forced marriage. Parents should let their kids marry their choice. This is to ensure a marriage beneficial to the family as a whole. Threats and violence are often used to force their children to obey. Nowadays, arranged marriages are declining in numbers. Considered too dictatorial, most people can now choose to reject such marriages.   Family violence committed by males is usually directed at their partner or spouse. While children and grandchildren are the victims of those done by females.   Any type of family violence is objectionable in today’s society. Laws are now in place making it illegal, protecting even same-sex relationships. There is also a lot of help accessible especially through the internet. Those affected can avail of the services of firms, such as the Umbrella Family Law. Yet, people exposed to family violence usually do not tell others. Shamed and threatened by the abuse, most victims believed no one would listen.

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