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Highly Detrimental Personal Injury Lawsuit Misconceptions

Personal injury law appeared to protect those injured by the carelessness or negligence of other people or businesses. Fortunately, there are so many different options available now and most people end up being paid for their suffering. Unfortunately, this type of law is not well-known and most do not really know anything about it. This is why you have to never believe the following misconceptions, based on input from Giddens Law Firm personal injury attorney.

When Injuries Are Minor, You Do Not Need The Help Of A Personal Injury Attorney

Your injury can be as minor as a broken ankle and you could still gain benefits from working with a personal injury attorney. Also, you never really know how injured you are before you are checked by medical professionals, which will be done several times after the incident happened.

As a very simple example, you might think headaches are normal and nothing to worry about. They might actually be a sign of a serious brain injury that would take years to recover from. A personal injury attorney never downplays your injuries and makes sure what you receive in financial compensation is going to cover everything that happened to you.

Enough Time Is Available To File Your Injury Claim

It is common for personal injury victims to end up waiting until all injuries are healed to file the injury claim. This makes the process a little easier since you already know what expenses you had to deal with. The problem is that you might end up waiting for too long due to the statute of limitations for filing the injury claim. The timeframe varies from one state to the next.

There are situations in which you can extend this available timeframe. However, these are limited and very complex. The attorney can easily help you to know exactly how much time you have available for filing the personal injury claim.

Personal Injury Lawsuits Are Only Filed By Greedy People

It is actually very common to see people not filing lawsuits because they believe others will seem them as being greedy. The truth is you are not greedy when you want to receive money to afford repairs and medical expenses. Being a victim of the negligence of someone else is not something anyone wants to see happen. And filing the lawsuit is actually better in the long run since it helps show that negligent parties can be liable. You are seeking justice for the injuries you suffered and for property damages.

Compensation Cannot Appear Without Litigation

Because of the fact that the official recommendation of practically anyone is to hire a personal injury attorney to help you, it is very easy to end up thinking that these cases always end up with lawsuits. These are the cases that often appear in the media. In reality though, most personal injury claims end up being resolved with the use of settlements. Courts do not get involved. But, if the case is particularly complex and there is no settlement reached during negotiations, it is possible that litigation is the only option available to receive the right financial compensation.

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