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Things to do in the event of a collision with a truck

Savvy personal injury attorneys know very well how to effectively use truck accident reconstruction to prove how the accident was, who was at fault, and all the necessary details of the incident.

An injury attorney can represent families seeking wrongful death litigation, and they undoubtedly know all the shortcuts to achieving maximum compensation for each type of injury incurred as a result of a truck accident.

No matter what kind of accident has occurred, it is necessary and a priority to seek the correct medical treatment as well as legal representation in order to protect your rights and interests.

Most prominent types of truck accidents

Although it is true that the people who are behind the wheel of a car must have certain licenses and permits, it is also true that many times it is not only negligence, but also the bad deterioration of the roads, lack of public lighting and endless more drawbacks.

However, other types of agents can also induce accidents with trucks, such as drunk drivers or under the influence of substances, use of the cell phone while driving or damage to the vehicle.

Therefore, the truck accident lawyers taylorsville ut you choose to help in your case must be able to deal with all types of accidents, including the most resulting ones:

  • Brake failure
  • Tire blowouts
  • Faulty maintenance
  • Out of control trailers
  • Accident of going under
  • Overpass accident
  • Engine malfunction
  • Overloaded trailer

In the United States, trucks are a preferred form of shipment and also transport of goods and heavy equipment. But, unfortunately, since they are much larger vehicles than the usual ones on the road, when an accident occurs the results are often catastrophic.

Big trucks can’t be avoided

Large trucks are present on all roads in the country. The trailer trucks you see on the road are not the only ones, there are other types of heavy trucks on the road. There are garbage trucks, dump trucks, and other vehicles heavy enough to cause serious injuries.

According to recent statistics from the American Truckers Association (AAC) there are more than 3.6 million trucks for commercial purposes in the United States. During their working hours they can deliver 72.5% of all cargo throughout the territory.

Apart from this, they also provide services in an immense number of construction sites, transport home and office furniture, provide services in residential neighborhoods, among others.

It is impossible to avoid trucks, as citizens in smaller and more compact cars we need to understand what steps to take if a trucker hurts us in an accident.

Conduct your own investigation at the scene of the incident

Once the accident has occurred and you are waiting for the local police to arrive, try to do everything possible to document and collect the evidence.

The accident scenes change dramatically, and by the time authorities arrive the witnesses have left and the other drivers have moved their car.

In worse circumstances, the person who caused the accident decides not to have legal problems and walks away. Therefore, it is feasible to document the important details, as long as your physical condition allows it.

Evidence to collect

Photo of the scene: a wide shot of all the intersections would be ideal, as well as the traffic lights and signs closest to the accident. In addition, skid marks from tires, road debris, potholes and other road damage would be highly taken into account.

Take pictures of both vehicles: a general general shot of each vehicle, the impact points, the damages, the license plate digits, the company logo (either the tractor and the trailer) is important.

Trucker Information: find your license number, employer, trucking company, insurance information, and other relevant details.




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