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What To Do When Bit By a Neighbor’s Dog

Unfortunately, not all dogs are friendly, and when an aggressive dog gets out unattended, it could mean you or someone you love gets bit. According to the Mayo Clinic, dog bites could cause tetanus or rabies infections. The trauma of the event, therefore, could be long-lasting, impacting you physically and emotionally. If you suffer from a dog attack, be sure to take action. The following are four things you should do.

  1. Seek Medical Help

Don’t allow dog bite to fester. Instead, seek medical attention as soon as the incident occurs. Urgent care or your primary physician may assess the bite, determining if you require stitches. In addition, they are likely to recommend antibiotics or creams to mitigate additional problems, and they can administer a tetanus shot to avoid complications.

  1. Talk with the Owner

Be sure to reach out to the owner to ensure the family knows about the incident. They may help with the medical costs, and they should try to prevent this attack from happening again. Parents have some responsibility for their kids’ actions. Pet owners do too.

  1. Contact Animal Control

Animal control should know if a dog is getting loose who can hurt the community. The professionals should assess rabies’s risk and see if anything needs to be done about the dog. In addition, this creates a formal complaint, providing you with evidence of the circumstance.

  1. Work With a Legal Team

If the family is unwilling to aid in your medical treatment or work with the dog to alleviate future concerns, you could hire a dog bite injury lawyer Auburn WA. The attorney could gain compensation for your injuries and work to create better living conditions for the community. Be sure to gather enough evidence (medical records and the animal control report) to verify the incident.

A dog bite isn’t something to forget or push aside. You may be hurt and need aid. Talk to the owners, and seek medical advice. If that doesn’t work, legal action is possible.

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