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Conveyancing Solicitors and Customer Care: The Silent Factor to Consider

Conveyancing solicitors and the conveyancing market in general has only just started to make a recovery after approximately 18 months of a slump. The recovery is slow and is likely to remain so whilst the economy recovers; this means that it is very difficult for buyers and sellers alike. Over this period, a number of factors have affected the market, including:1. Falling houses prices

2. Lack of Faith in the property market

3. Lack of faith in the banks

4. Lower percentage mortgages (i.e. no more 100% mortgages)

5. An increasing difficulty to obtain credit for all.This has not been helped by the economic crisis we have and are still facing, and this has meant that instructing conveyancing solicitors in your transaction has become a more thought over process. Before, many people would simply instruct a local and well known solicitor without obtaining quotes etc. However, the market has evolved over recent months and this is mainly down to less transactions and people watching their pennies. This has meant that many people spend a lot of time and deliberation when looking for conveyancing solicitors. It is not only reputation, which is being considered but, more importantly, price.The internet has become the first source for such searches with many people obtaining several quotes before appointing conveyancing solicitors. However, you must consider that when something is cheap it does not necessarily mean you are getting a good deal. Quality of work and customer service is still a very important aspect of the transaction.You must bear in mind that by instructing conveyancing solicitors via the internet you are likely to find that they are not local and you need to ensure that where you are not able to see your solicitor face-to-face or just pop in to check on the progress – the customer service you provide is still what you would expect. Solicitors should pride themselves on not only being competitive but also providing a very high level of customer service. You should be allocated a caseworker, who will work with you from start to finish and be provided with their direct email address should you need to contact them. The conveyancing solicitors you instruct are there to provide you a with a service and should be on hand to help at all stages of this stressful transaction and make it hassle free so that you can enjoy your new home.

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